Membership in the Columbia University-Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association is open to all Columbia and Presbyterian School of Nursing graduates. While all graduates are 'Regular Members,' those who pay $25 annual dues are 'Active Members.' 

An Active Member has one vote for all issues coming before the corporation. In addition, monthly stipends (pensions) and sick benefits are also available to those who qualify.

All contributions are considered gifts and are not taxable. Our current active members participate in the goals of this organization. They have been extremely generous in their assistance to those “Neighbors” who are not so fortunate.

To join with this growing group of alumni, just complete the application form by clicking on this RENEW link. The Membership form and your payment should still be mailed to our office in Westford, MA. Coming soon your renewal can be paid online. Your renewal form and payment will be completed using our "Stripe" account site and sent electronically with a payment of $25.00 via your credit card and sent to our bank.  We will let you know when this happens.