This Association was established primarily to assist graduates of the School of Nursing with support in their financial need. At the time of our inception, there was no Social Security, no unions and nurses were working six and a half days a week, with time off for services on Sunday. Leisure time was almost unknown, although benefactors at Presbyterian Hospital donated their summer places for the use of nurses to enjoy either the mountains or seashore on their limited vacations. Salaries were low and, as a result, graduates who lost jobs, became ill and many had no family to assist them when they became destitute. The Association stepped into that void and created such a resource for alumni. Thanks to wise shepherding of resources over almost 124 years, those in need can be assisted through our monthly stipends as well as sick benefits.

One must be an active member of the Association by paying annual dues and submitting an application and documentation to qualify.

MONTHLY STIPEND — Pension benefits may be available to any active member who is over the age of sixty five, and has a limited income. A single person with an income of $25,000 or less, or a couple with an income of $30,000 or less, is eligible. Currently, pension gifts consist of $300/month, and a single holiday gift of an additional $300 year. These amounts are reviewed annually and adjusted according to current economic indicators.

A completed application form must be submitted to the office along with a 1040 tax form, completed by an authorized agent regardless of income level. Unless all required information is submitted, applications will not be considered. Until offical documentation of income is submitted, an approved stipend will not be issued until that documentation is received and approved. 

Because the stipend is a gift, it is not subject to income tax. If the applicant is unable to access the form on the Internet, a call to the office will result in an application being sent by mail. There is no filing deadline for the first application. Thereafter, on or before May 1st of each year, new applications with appropriate changes (in income, status, living conditions etc.) must be filed and the Finance Committee reviews the submissions again. The information contained therein is strictly confidential and known only to the Administrator and the members of the Finance Committee.

For those whose applications are approved, checks are sent out by the first of every month and in December, the additional amount is also forwarded. If the alumnus no longer requires the assistance, it is important to notify the office that the stipend is no longer needed by calling (978) 577-5079.

SICK BENEFIT — Illnesses are usually never planned for and the cost of medical care is constantly increasing. Medications, dental work, hearing aids, eyeglasses are also increasing in cost making it difficult for some to be able to afford these necessities. Sick benefits may be granted for financial assistance to members who cannot work during illness for medical costs that are not reimbursed from other sources. To that end, the Association offers a limited sick benefit to active alumni. The benefit is available to any active member who applies by completing an application and providing documentation of non-reimbursed medical costs and includes a letter of verification from the treating physician. The benefit is decided on a case-by-case basis and two payments of up to $750/sickness are permitted in one calendar year.

As with the monthly stipend, the maximum amount of benefit is determined by the Board, upon recommendation of the Finance Committee and can be variable from year to year according to economic indicators. All information is strictly confidential, known only to the Administrator and the members of the Finance Committee. Applications can be accessed by calling our office (978) 577-5079 or sending an email to Office Administrator.