Our Original Mission (Alumni Quarterly, January 1908):

  1. To promote common fellowship among graduate nurses

  2. To advance in every way the interest of all graduate nurses

  3. To provide a benefit and loan fund for its members when ill or otherwise in need, and to tender them pecuniary and other assistance

  4. To secure a permanent home or clubhouse for its members, and to provide other home or homes or buildings as may be required to carry out the objectives and purposes of said corporation

Over the past years there have been many changes in our organization as the School grew from a diploma program to a collegiate program now granting bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees from Columbia University.  Nursing has evolved into the profession it is today and our Association has changed accordingly to meet the needs of our graduates.

While we do not have an Innis Arden or clubhouse for our graduates today, we do provide stipends to enable those graduates to live more comfortably in their own 

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