Welcome to our updated CUPHSONAA website.    My name is Lois Mueller Glazier, Class of 1960.    I am currently the president of our beloved original Alumni Association, founded in 1894, soon after the graduation of the first class of twenty-one students, by Anna Maxwell and a few of her new graduates.    The School of Nursing celebrated the 125th Anniversary of the admission of the first class to the new Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing in 1892 at the May 2017 Alumni Reunion Day.  For the Class of 1967, it was indeed a very special 50th Reunion day.     

It was also the sixth reunion held jointly with the School of Nursing’s university sponsored Alumni Association that was established  in 1995.    The mission of the university’s association is to support the School and Columbia University School of Nursing student scholarships.    Our association was chartered as a corporation by the State of New York by a special 1899 act of the State Legislature.    Although both associations support the school and scholarships, we have had and continue to have the additional mission of providing monthly stipends and sick benefits to active alumni members in financial need.    We award scholarships to students attending masters and doctoral programs at any accredited university, not limiting our assistance to students in Columbia’s programs.   We also fund nursing research projects of our alumni.

Alumni still continue to support our association through the modest dues payments and many give additional donations to help support our efforts to assist our fellow alumni, continuing our long tradition of being “Neighbors.”  If you know of a fellow neighbor who might need assistance from our stipend or sick benefit programs,  please urge them to contact us, or let us know and we can try to reach them.

I want to update you on the work of The Exit Strategy Task Force.   This is a sub committee of the Board formed about a year ago to have in place all of the processes and documentation necessary for an eventual dissolution of the Alumni Association.   Good governance of any organization requires such a plan.   It does not portend the imminent dissolution of the association.    Dissolution of a 501 (c) 3 organization is a complex process and should it be determined at some point in the future that this would be necessary, some of the planning would already be in place.   A vote of the board and the membership is also required.   We continue to need your enthusiastic support to be able to carry out the mission of the association.

Take a few minutes to browse our updated website, review reunion activities, find applications and discover the contributions of the Distinguished Alumni that we, now jointly with the School’s association, honor.  In addition to updating our website, we will also be resuming sending out newsletters.   Send us your news, including photos. We welcome any archival material that you might want to share with us.

In review - 2017 Alumni Reunion gallery